Where can I get a quote?

We no longer operate on a quote-based system! To reduce window shopping at the expense of our time, we now operate on an offer-based system.

How do I make an offer?

When our commission form opens, you will be asked for your contact information, a link to your character design, and a budget offer. This offer should be equal to or higher than the minimums listed in our pricing information to be considered. 

Please note that a higher offer will not necessarily guarantee acceptance as we take into account both the compatibility of your design with our style and your offer when accepting projects!

When will commissions open? Do you have a queue?

We will open for new projects whenever our schedule allows, which will usually be two or three times a year with a turnaround time of 2-4 months.

Due to multiple jobs, sometimes we will be unavailable to work on costumes for several weeks; our single project, no-queue workflow means that whenever this happens, we will simply not accept a new project until our schedule is clear. This keeps both wait times (for you) and stress levels (for us) low!

Will I need to send in a duct tape dummy?

Yes, you will ideally need to make a duct tape dummy for a full costume. We have experimented in the past with using measurements but found that for the best outcome, nothing beats having the dummy model for test fitting.

If you absolutely cannot make a duct tape dummy and you don't mind a slightly loose fit, we can use measurements to make unpadded ("plantigrade") costumes. We can also use our own bodies to fit padded costumes if your measurements happen to be close (within 1-2") to ours. If you require this accommodation, please provide your measurements with your offer and we'll let you know if you're a match!

Do you accept payment plans?

Due to our new single project workload, we can only accept short payment plans of at most 2 months for heads and partials, and 3 months for full costumes, with an initial deposit of at least 30%. 

Which payment processing services do you accept?

We accept Square, Wise, Venmo, bank transfer, personal check, and PayPal. PayPal is not preferred as many of our colleagues have experienced a total lack of support from PayPal when dealing with fraudulent chargebacks, but we are willing to accept PayPal if you cannot pay with any other option.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, though destinations may vary depending on current trade restrictions. Please note that customs/import fees are the commissioner's responsibility and can be as high as 36% of the value of the item depending on your country, so keep this in mind when making an offer!

Will you work with minors?

No, we cannot work with anyone under the age of 18. 

Are there any common features you do not offer?

We do not offer realistic costumes, moving jaws, electronic elements, or silicone/resin parts. If you're not sure whether we offer a desired feature, just ask us via email or social media!

Are costume parts lined? Are seams machine sewn?

Heads and feet are lined by default. Hands can be lined on request based on the commissioner's preference. Unpadded bodies are not lined, and padded bodies are partially lined: the padding pockets serve as a liner for the hips, rear, knees, and lower legs.

Any seam that can be machine sewn is machine sewn once with a straight stitch and a second time with a zigzag stitch. Detail work such as small markings is usually hand sewn as we find it easier to achieve a more accurate result. 

Can you make my costume look like another artist's costumes?

Please do not ask us to mimic the style of other artists or copy existing costumes! Asking about certain expressions or features and showing examples is okay ("I would like a grumpy expression, with big teeth, like this costume") but keep in mind we will interpret any requested features in our own style. 

Do you offer "adult" features such as extra zippers?

Yes! We are adult- and kink-friendly and are happy to discuss or develop 18+ costume features if desired.