Terms of service

You will be asked to sign a contract with us when we agree to take your order. This is to protect everyone involved in case something goes wrong. As minors cannot legally enter into a contract, we will not work with minors (under 18) and we may request ID to prove your age before we sign the agreement if we have reason to suspect you are a minor. The terms in the contract have been listed for preview below so you know what you're getting into before you place your order. 


We will email selected clients within 5-7 days after we close for offers to confirm your interest and details.

After we accept your offer, both parties (us and you) will sign a contract to confirm we both understand what is expected of us. The contract will detail any important dates, including deadlines and shipping dates, and amounts expected for deposits if you have requested a payment plan. After the contract is signed, you must make your first payment, the 30% down payment, within 5 business days. Only after the down payment is received will your project be officially considered started.

We accept payments in USD ($) via Paypal and Square, and ask that you specify that your payment is for Goods and Services. You are not responsible for any fees and do not need to add extra to cover them! If you want to add extra, you are welcome to add a tip.

If you agree to make your down payment and it is not received within 5 business days, we will select another project and you will have to wait for us to open again. If you place an order and fail to pay twice, you will be blacklisted.

Once we receive your down payment we will create costume concept artwork in our style, order materials for your costume (including samples if necessary), and work will begin. 


When ordering a piece, it is presumed that you are familiar with our work and style and agree to seeing our interpretation of your design in our style. We are human, and as such cannot take another artist's style or the 2D design sheet provided and recreate it exactly in 3D.

That said, we offer one round of edits or changes free of charge at each relevant stage of production: concept artwork, foam base, and fur patterning/mockup. We will send progress pictures at each stage - take as long as you need to make sure everything looks right before each stage is finalized.

If you request changes to a previous step after the project has already progressed to a later stage (eg. changes to the foam base when fur has already been sewn and glued to the head, or changes to body markings after the bodysuit has already been assembled), or in addition to a first round of changes at the current stage, you will be billed at $30.00/hour for the time spent making these changes, plus an inconvenience fee of $100-300, depending on the difficulty of the requested changes. This amount will be due at the time of shipping.


We prefer not to deal with payment plans, but are willing to accept payment plans of 2 months (for heads and partials) or 3 months (for full costumes).

Deadlines for each payment will be detailed in your contract. If you miss a payment, work will stop on your costume until you resume payments, and the deadlines, shipping and delivery dates agreed in your contract may be pushed back. 


Shipping costs are not included in your quote. You will be asked to reimburse us for the amount shown on the shipping receipt we provide. Within the United States, you can expect shipping to cost approximately $75-100; outside the United States shipping rates will vary depending on your location, but usually end up around $150. We will give you an estimate when your costume is completed. This includes full insurance* in case your costume is lost or damaged in transit; if you wish to opt out of insurance, you will need to request its removal upon receipt of your shipping estimate, and accept the associated risk. We are not responsible for any courier delays, but will always select the shipping service with which we have experienced the least issues.

We also offer convention pickup at events we attend, but you are responsible for any additional luggage costs incurred by us to transport your costume, and we kindly ask you to reimburse us for these costs when you pick up your costume. DenFur pickup is complimentary.

International clients: please be aware of your country's import & customs fees before you order. These are your responsibility and can be as high as 36%!

* Full insurance may not be available to certain international markets. Losses are very rare, but keep in mind we may be limited to $2500 insurance when shipping outside the US - consider ordering a partial and adding the body later for two shipments to minimize risk!


Cancellations within 15 days of your initial down payment will receive a full refund. 

If you must cancel your order more than 15 days after your initial deposit, you may select a partial refund option from the following:

​If you are experiencing an emergency that results in you being unable to make your next deposit, but don't want to cancel your order, you can briefly put your costume on hold until you are able to resume payments. Your costume will be delayed as a result and we may take on another project in the meantime. 

Your costume comes with a 90-day warranty. If any part of your costume malfunctions within 90 days of delivery, we will accept and repair the damaged part(s) free of charge. We reserve the right to refuse requests for complimentary repairs if we suspect the damage is caused by intentional mistreatment, excessive rough handling of your costume, or normal wear and tear.


We reserve the right to display photographs of your costume on our website and social media as an example of our work. Your character and costume, of course, remains yours to do with as you wish!